Baskin Robbins Australia

Project: In a dynamic collaboration with Baskin Robbins during 2017-2018, my role at Type + Pixel encompassed a multifaceted approach to brand enhancement. This journey with the iconic ice cream brand involved a series of strategic design initiatives, ranging from refreshing the existing brand imagery to launching a new loyalty rewards campaign, culminating in a complete brand makeover. The project's success was marked by a significant uplift in customer engagement and sales, redefining Baskin Robbins' presence in the market.

Role: Creative direction, Graphic & Web design, Brand enhancement.

Year: 2017 - 2018

01 . Brand Refresh
The brand makeover for Baskin Robbins was a transformative journey that redefined its essence, introducing the Creature Creations concept with whimsical characters like unicorns and yettis, adding a fresh twist to the brand. This new direction, enhanced by new typographic styles, patterns, and a modern color palette, extended to product presentation and strategic logo use, ensuring a cohesive brand identity. Among the innovations was my concept cup packaging design, featuring interactive elements like the unicorn's horns and ears, and a yetti inspired by a childhood favorite computer game. I also envisioned a bear character design with ears integrating into the ice cream, but I departed from Baskin Robbins after the concept phase. This comprehensive makeover led to the brand's most successful product launch in recent history.
What it turned into after I left
Upon my departure from Type and Pixel, the stewardship of my initial concept was passed to another talented designer who brought it to fruition. Witnessing the evolution of my design in stores was a moment of immense pride and joy, especially seeing the nuanced enhancements they introduced to the illustration. This concept laid the groundwork not only for the brand, but for the Baskin Robbins Creature Creations campaign. The Creature Creations campaign, an evolution of my original character cup design concept, achieved remarkable success and was recognized at the Brisbane Advertising & Design Awards in 2019, where it was awarded a Silver in the Digital Campaign category. The results of the campaign were extraordinary, surpassing all expectations. It achieved record-breaking sales, engaged millions of Australian ice cream fans, and significantly expanded Baskin Robbins' customer base. This campaign was not just a commercial triumph; it was the most successful product launch for Baskin Robbins in the past decade, marking a milestone in the brand's history and underscoring the power of creative collaboration and innovative design in driving brand growth.
02. Rewards app campaign
Pre brand refresh, I led the design and art direction for the loyalty app campaign, which was the first project we had with Baskin-Robbins. This included directing a campaign video, where I handled the art direction, storyboarding, and graphic design, in collaboration with 'Hotel Lima' for animation. The campaign also featured a poster design for in-store promotion and a dedicated website landing page. Additionally, I was involved in customizing the app's intro design, enhancing the user experience and aligning it with the brand's refreshed identity. The campaign played a crucial role in boosting app sign-ups and enhancing customer engagement with the brand.
03. Marketing posters
Prior to the brand makeover, my work with Baskin Robbins involved crafting poster designs that harmonized with the brand's existing identity, aimed at promoting new products such as Ultimate Shakes and Ultimate Cones. By leveraging the brand's established elements, these designs maintained consistency while focusing on enhancing the visual appeal of Baskin Robbins' in-store promotions. These posters played a key role in boosting customer engagement and enriching the overall brand experience, ultimately being featured in stores across Australia.