Logiqc - Risk management software

Project: LOGIQC is an esteemed Australian Software as a Service provider focusing on risk management. My journey with LOGIQC began during my tenure at JSA and continued at Type and Pixel. Years later, as a self-employed designer, LOGIQC reached out to engage my freelance services directly, citing their satisfaction and preference for the work I had previously delivered. My extensive experience with LOGIQC includes involvement in software design, website design, and brand design, building a robust client-designer relationship through active participation in workshops and user experience research.

Role: Software / product design, Brand design, Website design.

Year: 2016 - Present

01 . Brand
In 2024, I led a pivotal brand redesign for LOGIQC, aiming to modernize their existing identity while preserving its core essence. The approach focused on simplicity and sophistication, employing a minimalist color palette, clean typography, and strategic use of white space. This redesign included a subtle yet impactful update to the logo, ensuring it resonated with the company's evolution and commitment to clarity and modernity. The updated brand identity was cohesively applied across various collaterals, reinforcing LOGIQC's stature as an innovator in the risk management software sector and significantly enhancing their market appeal.
02. Product Design
As part of the ongoing evolution of LOGIQC's software, 2024 saw a significant UI facelift while retaining the robust UX framework established in my 2017 work. This update was not about reinventing the wheel but rather refining it to align with the new brand aesthetics and contemporary user expectations. The interface now boasts a cleaner, more modern look, with updated graphics, icons, and a color scheme that echoes the updated brand identity. This facelift enhances user engagement without altering the intuitive user experience that customers have valued since my initial redesign, ensuring a seamless transition for existing users and an appealing interface for new clients.
The Challenge (2017 at Type and Pixel)
LOGIQC's software, pivotal in the medical-related risk management sector, was originally developer-driven. This approach resulted in a robust fundamental structure but lacked in user experience and interface design. Recognizing the need for a comprehensive overhaul, I embarked on a mission to enhance the software's user experience.
Step One: User Research
Understanding the user's needs was paramount. I engaged in deep collaboration with LOGIQC's business owners to gather insights. This process involved analyzing user surveys to pinpoint areas of improvement and conducting phone interviews with customers to develop user personas and garner further product insights.
Step Two: Workflow
Our team undertook extensive workflow analysis during a series of workshops. The goal was to simplify the software's complexity by reassessing the existing user flow and conventions. This phase was crucial in shaping the new, streamlined workflow.
Step Three: Wireframes
The insights gathered led to the creation of wireframes, subsequently transformed into clickable Invision prototypes. These prototypes were instrumental in gathering real-time feedback from the client, facilitating iterative refinement of the user experience.
Step Four: Design (2017)
The final phase involved transforming wireframes into detailed designs. A comprehensive component library was also developed to aid the software development process.
03 . Website
In 2024, I designed a new website landing page for LOGIQC that seamlessly aligns with the updated brand and product design, set to go live soon, featuring a modern, user-centric layout that perfectly encapsulates the company's innovative approach to risk management software.