Hi, I’m Ariel Beninca, a freelance digital experience designer based in Brisbane 🇦🇺   I'm passionate ✨ about crafting digital masterpieces, be it product design, UX/UI, or brand design with a creative edge 🎨

My desk setup is my little haven — a place that just gets me. It's amazing how having this spot, so calm and organized, can light up my motivation.  It's the kind of space that I not only enjoy being in but also where I get my best work done. The calm that envelops it, matched with the generous pour of natural light, makes it more than just a work area—it’s my own personal nook for creativity and focus.

I have always had a passion for design, I have been told I was born for it. Design is a universal skill not limited to one medium, it’s everything from designing products, decor, architecture, processes, policy, and fashion. In high school it was the coming of a digital centric era, I was fascinated by the magic of websites and spent countless hours figuring out how to piece them together. It wasn’t long before I realised that to truly bring my visions to life, I needed code. That’s when I stumbled upon Treehouse to learn how to code, learning things from simple html, sass, and php Wordpress templates.

I went to Griffith University on the Gold Coast at age 17, where I created designs and websites for clients right from my dorm room. My website was featured on various website award sites and blogs, which opened the door to international freelance opportunities. Fast forward through internships, full-time gigs at places like BLK Sports, and a stint as a UX/UI designer with Experience Oz, and you’ll find me setting my sights on Brisbane in 2015. There, I joined JSA Creative, pushing the boundaries of my UI/UX design capabilities to evolve into a better designer.

In 2019, I embraced the freelance life full-time, drawn to the flexibility and mental health benefits of working from home.The world shifted towards remote work during the COVID-19 pandemic. This new era has not only changed perceptions of working from home but has also expanded the opportunities available, regardless of location.

I'm incredibly grateful for where this journey has taken me and am excited for what lies ahead. Whether you're looking for someone to bring a fresh, creative perspective to your project, or just want to chat about the latest in design and technology, I’m here to make something spectacular together. Let's connect!


What is your UX process?

The UX process entirely depends on the product, what is its purpose and value, what is the users needs, what is the business needs, what is the data, and how common is the type of product in order to draw on existing patterns and conventions. Based on those factors I construct a UX process catered to the product.

What’s the best part of your job and what’s your least favorite?

The most rewarding aspect of my job is designing intuitive interfaces that solve real problems and collaborating with developers and Product Managers to bring these designs to life. The creative challenge of finding unique solutions is what drives my passion. On the flip side, my least favorite part is attending long and unproductive meetings. As an introvert, I thrive on efficiency and prefer a balance of focused work and necessary alignment discussions.

Why did you choose UX/UI design?

I was drawn to UX/UI design because it merges technology, usability, and aesthetics. Designing digital solutions that are not only visually appealing but also functional is incredibly rewarding. It's fascinating to see how design influences user behavior and helps them achieve their goals. Every design element, like adding shadows to a button, plays a crucial role in enhancing the user experience.

What tools do you use?

For design and prototyping, I primarily use Figma, which is essential for all my design needs. For brainstorming, data collection, organization, and information architecture, FigJam is my go-to tool. When building websites, I rely on Webflow for its powerful and flexible web design capabilities.For business management tasks like time tracking, contract generation, and invoicing, I use Fiverr Workspace (formerly known as And.co). For creating logos, Adobe Illustrator is my preferred software, while Photoshop is indispensable for crafting detailed mockups.Additionally, I use Canva to create design templates specifically tailored for my clients, enabling them to maintain brand consistency effortlessly. Sublime Text is used for coding, and Apple iCal for managing my calendar. To stay organized with tasks, I use the To Do List app and Notion for documentation and organization. For communication, I rely on Slack and WhatsApp for chat functionalities. Bear serves as my primary note-taking app, and IconJar is an excellent resource for organizing icons.

How much do you charge for UX/UI design freelance?

I charge an hourly rate of $135AUD for UX/UI design services. This rate allows for flexibility and ensures that you only pay for the time spent directly on your project. Time tracking is used to maintain transparency and fairness in billing. Fixed price quotes can be arranged for Brand and Website projects upon enquiry.

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