Clubworx gym managment

Project: Clubworx, a robust gym management system, sought to enhance their digital presence and streamline their user experience. My role involved a comprehensive approach to meet these needs through UI/UX design, app design, and front-end development. I focused on elevating the user interface of their software, crafting an appealing design for their marketing website, and creating a functional and customizable member white label app.

Role: Softwear design, web design, app design.

Year: 2018  

01. Product design
Enhancing the Clubworx software was a significant part of the project. The main goal was to simplify and improve the user interface and navigation, making the software more intuitive and user-friendly. The effort included redesigning the UI/UX and implementing these changes in the front end for a smoother, more efficient user experience.
The initial version of the Clubworx product served as a starting point for progressive enhancements. The journey of improvement began with the implementation of a new navigation system and a thoughtfully designed information architecture (IA). This foundational step was crucial in transforming the user experience, setting the stage for further refinements and developments in the software's interface and functionality.
Information Architecture
My first focus was on improving the navigation so we held a workshop to to map out the IA. I wanted to give the entire user experience clarity and make things intuitive.
Product sales
The product sales system had dedicated kiosk mode as well as an in app mode. There is also the functionality of adding a new product.
02 . Webflow website
The Clubworx website redesign aimed to create an inviting, credible, and user-friendly online presence. The design was strategically crafted to highlight Clubworx's key features and benefits while maintaining flexibility to adapt to user feedback. This approach not only enhanced the website's appeal but also strengthened the Clubworx brand identity in line with modern web design trends.