Got2go —  Travel booking

Project: Got2go is an innovative travel startup specializing in accommodation booking, akin to platforms like Airbnb. I had the privilege of collaborating with Got2go right from the initial stages of brand conceptualization through to the intricate crafting of the user experience.

Role: Branding and Logo Design, UX/UI Design, Web Design, Front-End Dev

Year: 2021

Branding and Marketing
For the branding aspect, I designed a logo that encapsulates the spirit of travel and exploration, perfectly aligning with Got2Go's vision. The branding strategy was crafted to evoke feelings of adventure, comfort, and romance, appealing to a wide range of travel enthusiasts. Alongside branding, I spearheaded marketing campaigns with themes like "Go Somewhere Cozy," "Go Somewhere Remarkable," and "Go Somewhere Romantic." These campaigns were tailored to attract different traveler demographics, utilizing engaging imagery and compelling narratives to showcase various accommodation types.
UX/UI Design - External facing
I Implemented dynamic data filterable points providing insightful information and added advanced sorting and filtering options.