Razoo - Financial Technology

Project: In 2022, Razoo, an innovative budgeting platform designed for financial advisers, approached me to create their brand identity and design their website. Razoo distinguishes itself in the fintech space with its unique approach to enhancing client engagement through intuitive budgeting tools. My task was to encapsulate this innovative spirit in both their branding and website, setting a foundation for Razoo’s impactful presence in the financial advisory sector.

Role: Website Design, Branding

Year: 2022

The branding’s centerpiece was the development of a distinctive logo. This logo artfully combined an illustration of the Brass Razoo coin — a symbol steeped in value and tradition — with a pie chart, representing precise data analysis and financial planning. This creative fusion not only symbolizes Razoo’s services but also highlights the platform’s adept balance between historical wisdom and modern financial strategy.The logo was complemented by clean, well-balanced typography, carefully selected to enhance the visual appeal of the logo. This choice of typography was crucial in conveying Razoo’s blend of professionalism and approachability, essential qualities in the realm of financial advisory.