Overbit ading

Project: In 2022, I embarked on a collaborative journey with Overbit, a London-based crypto trading platform, to enhance their online presence and trading interfaces. The project focused on reinvigorating their website and redesigning both the user interface of their trading platform and an AI-powered bot trading interface. This initiative aimed to leverage cutting-edge technology and user-centered design to create a seamless trading experience.

Role: Software / product design, Brand design, Website design.

Year: 2022

01. Trading Platform Interface
For the trading platform interface, I delved into research and analysis of leading trading platforms to inform the UX design. The aim was to create an interface that was both familiar to experienced traders and accessible to newcomers. By integrating proven UX conventions, the platform provided an intuitive and efficient trading experience, facilitating quick decision-making and ease of use.
02. AI-Powered Bot Trading Interface
This innovative platform allows users to leverage their trading potential up to 10x using crypto futures. The interface enables users to profit in varying market conditions, including sideways movements, by utilizing a grid bot strategy. It offers unparalleled customization options, giving traders full control over their risk and strategies. Additionally, the platform includes a comprehensive backtesting toolkit, allowing users to test their grid strategies with historical data, enhancing their trading decisions.
03 . Website
The website was redesigned to create a visually appealing and informative platform, offering users easy access to Overbit's diverse trading tools. The modern layout and intuitive navigation were structured to effectively guide users through the trading process, reflecting Overbit's position as a forward-thinking entity in the crypto space.