Miscellaneous UI/UX Showcase

Project: This portfolio serves as a repository of my varied work in website and landing page design, encompassing a broad spectrum of industries. Some of this work is very old so please keep this in mind when viewing.

Role: Website design +  UX UI design

Year: 2014-2023

Uare Health and Wellbeing App (2021): This app assists individuals in managing their vehicle maintenance needs. It provides features such as tracking service records, scheduling maintenance tasks, and receiving reminders for upcoming servicing. Additionally, the app offers the ability to connect with nearby service providers and obtain service estimates. Overall, it aims to streamline the vehicle maintenance process and ensure timely and efficient upkeep of vehicles.
OnRoute Travel Blogging App (2020): A platform for travellers to share and document their journeys, enhancing social interaction through live updates and media sharing.
City Beach - E-commerce  (2017): In July 2017, I revamped City Beach's online user experience while at Type and Pixel, focusing on a human-centered design that improved both mobile and desktop interfaces. Minor adjustments were made to align with the brand's color scheme, enhancing the live website.The project addressed key areas: navigation, product visibility, and the mobile experience. I simplified the site’s navigation, introducing a user-friendly dropdown and repositioned products to the top of the page for better accessibility. For the mobile version, I redesigned it to function like a native app, making navigation smoother and significantly boosting sales post-launch.This redesign clarified City Beach's brand platform and enhanced the eCommerce experience, proving the critical role of understanding user behavior in designing effective online environments.
Omnify  (2021): Omnify is a marketplace startup for creative rescources made for designers by designers - built with bubble. https://omnify.market/
Esri Suite of Apps (2015): At JSA Creative, I led the UX and UI design for Esri Australia, developing apps like Field Track, Field Alert, and Field Collect. These apps facilitated field workers in tracking, alerting, and reporting site-specific information securely and efficiently.
Ergon Energy (2018): While contracting for Khemistry I worked the Ergon Energy retail dashboard.
Made with love bridal (2018): E-commerce Website
Vision 6 (2018): Marketing website